You’ve probably already seen plenty of articles, threads, snippets and Gists about this very topic, such as this one in particular. Therefore I won’t bore you with how these work or try recycling commonly-used methods posted elsewhere. I personally do not find a lot of them that useful, especially as optimizations, such as setting single X,Y,Z values; I find it just as readable to create a new Vector in my view logic.

Rather, I have decided to start a post including some that I have created, elaborated on, or rewrote for my personal use. This list will be kept up-to-date and hopefully someone will find one or more helpful to them as well.


To start out, with my own workflow and scene organization, there is a need to grab a child of an object by a unique tag. The following are both single object and array forms:


Similar to GetChildWithTag, this recurses up the parent chain to find an object by a tag.

More extension methods will be added at a later time…